James Peacock MSC

Resident writer of bespoke weather-based insights and tweets. Forecaster, data manipulator and vividly enthusiastic weather geek. Passionately driven to revolutionise the way in which weather and climate information is delivered. This is what it takes to help build a company from the ground-up! From the mannerisms of tropical cycles to the behaviour of atmospheric circulations above the Arctic, his wide breadth of meteorological insight has been employed for the development of MetSwift’s world-leading, global coverage AI weather prediction model. Additionally, James specialises in aligning his meteorological expertise with content talents such as processing data acquisition into visually effective formats; and researching articles covering multiple categories, including long-range event weather prospects, weather & climate insights, and exploring weather lore. Away from work, he is very fond of getting out among all manner of weather and nature, on long walks and cycle rides. Somewhat adept with a guitar, when the mood hits. James studied BSc (Hons) Physical Geography at the University of Portsmouth, followed by MSc Applied Meteorology at the University of Reading. During these years, he applied an increasing library of weather & climate knowledge into numerous personal projects. It was through one of these, contributing to a popular weather forum, that our founder, James Banasik, first discovered his capabilities.

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