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MetSwift Platform

Putting long range weather insights into the hands of decision makers, instantly.

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Features of our platform

Instant insights

Instant postcode-specific weather & NatCat risk assessment globally, up to 2 years hence.

Climate change compensated

Global warming adjusted models of weather risk, that use proprietary intelligence and research.

Live weather event updates

See the latest severe weather and NatCat events globally. As they happen.


Filter, store, track, manage and update information from every past search. 

Street-level granularity

Short term forecasts are generated specifically relating to the altitude, geography & location you select.

Customisable side bar

Options to change units, dates, data lengths & enquiry types, to instantly update your results.

How the platform works

The MetSwift platform produces intelligent and tailored results with only a few clicks of a button.

Select your parameters

Set the location and date of interest.


Decide your thresholds

Select your weather event and specific thresholds of moderate and severe concern.

Get your results

Review different levels of detail about your risk.

What makes these insights so valuable?

It’s our unique approach. We’ve been refining it since 2016.

Relevant Analogues

Firstly, our data vaults are scanned for relevant and selected analogues. We then correct them for the reality that the teleconnections of the past differ from those we see today.

Enhanced Extremes

Building further from that baseline, we bias our probabilities according to relevant trends and observations of what is, increasingly, a warmer planet given to more extremes.

Neural Networks

The quality of our results is informed by the deep learning created from our use of artificial neural networks (a specialism within the general field of AI).

Useful for any business impacted by weather

Whether you are trying to: assess the long-term risk of severe weather for a time and place, gain precision knowledge of site conditions in the coming days or, take advantage of future weather windows or trends - the MetSwift platform provides all the answers.

Because you will have knowledge of the impact of weather events before they happen, you have the opportunity to schedule work effectively, thereby maximising opportunity, efficiency and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may still be wondering about some of the finer points of our offer.
We hope the following answers help. If not, please get in touch…

How do I access the platform?

Sign-up and login are simple. Contact us through email, or by using the links on the website. We will respond within a few hours.

On what risks does the system report?

Eight weather risks and four NatCat risks are potentially available. However, not all risks can be meaningfully assessed. Some NatCat risks, such as tornadoes in Oklahoma City in December, have no record of a previous occurrence. In these instances, the option to place a NatCat query will be greyed out.

What is your validation process and how often do you update your data/algorithms?

All the weather data which feeds into the platform is from WMO* approved weather stations. This means that the weather station set-up, management and data-handling meet a minimum standard and the resulting data can be considered accurate. We update and increase our historical data set each week, with the latest observations from the global network of stations. Despite the rigour, we nonetheless filter out suspect data points by applying location and time specific limits (based upon our own records). Outliers in the data are further qualified, using other stations in the vicinity and patterning techniques, to ensure all the new data represents reality. Once this is complete, our proprietary processes are re-run to incrementally update the rolling model from which all our forecasts arise.

*World Meteorological Organisation

What about the impacts of global warming?

There is no doubt that our weather is becoming more erratic due to climate change. In particular, severe weather is increasing in frequency and intensity. Currently, historic weather patterns and teleconnections remain relevant, but require extremely complex and nuanced bias - to account for the variability and volatility of climate change. Whilst these human-induced changes are broadly to the warmer and wetter, colder and drier conditions are occurring too. Gauging this changing bias to maintain accurate predictions is an ongoing and major focus of our development work.

Do you offer 24/7 support?

Our Weather & NatCat portal is hosted by Amazon Web Services and is therefore always available to run queries. Operational issues arising from a loss of data connectivity or other third-party failure are constantly monitored, and the resilient design of our platform will restore the self-service enquiry engine within moments. Training queries can be raised via this website or similar support pages within the portal. Our helpdesk operates to extended UK working hours and will respond promptly within those times.

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