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A world surrounded by meteorologists working together
MetSwift provides data to allow the quantification and calibration of future weather-related outcomes

Our primary clients are in the Insurance, Construction & Energy sectors.

We offer three products:  

  • Long-range predictions (1 to 24 months forward)
  • Hyperlocal precision forecasts (1 hour to 10 days hence)
  • NatCat & weather-peril prognostics (1 to 24 months ahead)

More details of each are given on our product page.

Catastrophe risk analysis

We provide insight into the statistical likelihoods of disruption and damage from extreme events such as tornadoes, wildfires and tropical cyclones. The location-specific likelihood of earthquakes can also be generated by the MetSwift platform.

Two-year predictive horizon

Developed by leading meteorologists, mathematicians and data scientists, our hybrid models, offer a rolling, two-year predictive horizon, and are based on climate-change adjusted analogs.


We provide location-specific results drawn from hyperlocal data from WMO (World Meteorological Organisation) approved weather stations, covering 93.9% of countries worldwide.


The impact of weather is sizeable


of businesses experience operational interruptions by weather events each year1
1 National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration


Annual cost of weather variability globally2
2 University of Cambridge
Centre for Risk Studies

$7.1 Trillion

At global risk from climate impacts by 20503
3 The Global Commission
on Adaptation


We revolutionise how businesses gain insight into the environment in which they will be operating - hours, days, weeks, or years ahead.

Superficial local weather information is now freely available and ubiquitous. Our insights are fundamentally different. We focus on providing the niche information that matters in business. That, for example, includes insights about the year after next, which can allow insurers to write particularly profitable business. At the other end of the scale, we also provide hour-by-hour hyperlocal forecasts. These might maximise the site utility of a costly crane, or ensure the correct curing of concrete.

Our goal is always to make our weather and climate analysis as accessible and actionable as possible. Years of varied client work have given us a clear understanding of a range of relevant use cases, particularly in the fields of Construction, Insurance and Energy.


Our services are tailored to you.

It is important to us that customers in different sectors access our insights in the ways that suit them best. Our commitment is to deliver data that reduces needless cost and maximises profit.


An all in one Weather and NatCat risk dashboard, sharing instant and actionable insights tailored to your industry


Providing our renowned weather capabilities for projects requiring specific insight support


Our rapid and hyperlocal weather data integrated into your own application


Detailed specific business focused weather enquiries - upon request


We provide industry specific weather insight

MetSwift has the necessary combination of experts in mathematics, meteorology, and artificial intelligence to create client led solutions for any industry. These experts understand the requirements of different sectors and can support your business in its unique weather needs.

Trusted by industry leaders

Prior to being introduced to MetSwift at our Contingency Market Conference two years ago, our underwriting of Event Cancellation of outdoor events was done using average rainfall/temperature data from the internet and also past loss history of the event itself.

Since the middle of last year, we have been using the MetSwift Weather system to aid with our underwriting and feel it is both improving our level of technical pricing and increasing our confidence in our decisions

Senior Underwriter
Ark Syndicate

I was impressed from the outset how carefully the MetSwift team listened to the market and refined the product.

The Metswift platform assists in deriving data driven probabilities for specific weather events. These capabilities improve our pricing adequacy of the true risk which is essentially to the benefit of our client base.

Senior Underwriter

Let me take this opportunity to thank MetSwift for their help in providing us with a more informed view of weather and how it can affect what we do. Their tools have certainly helped us to ascertain a better understanding of some of the risks we have seen throughout 2021. They are always forward thinking and collaborative.

Head of Contingency
Cincinnati Global Underwriting Ltd.

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