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A new era…

Higher quality data & advanced AI

Precise peril & NatCat Prediction

Worldwide, disruptive tech. & innovation is impacting and enhancing how we live, work and do business.

However, this has not yet been the case for weather. We are here to change that…

Advanced in response to real & rapidly changing commercial needs in an increasingly erratic climate, our platform enables you to arrive at intelligent weather & natcat risk decision-making, in an instant.

Winner of the Insurance Times’ Tech & Innovation Awards – ‘Best Use of AI in Underwriting’, MetSwift’s Artificial Intelligence is described as ‘a game-changer in weather risk’.

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14 SEPT, 2021 – 14 OCT, 2021

HurricaneHIGH RISK:
8% Probability

Metswift has it covered...

Our artificial intelligence and statistical models cleanse and analyse data drawn from...

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    weather stations

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    billion days

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AUG 3, 2020 – AUG 28, 2020

Moderate 15mph (49.4%)
Severe 25mph (0.8%)
Highest 48.8 mph

A new meteorological intelligence…

At the forefront of parametric prediction

Weather contingency & risk calculation

As environmental risks are increasingly variable, intelligent insights into future weather and natcat events that can be simply and swiftly interrogated are essential.

Quantify the severity of exceedant risk via your specific thresholds. Location-specific and global, instant and exploratory, ascertain results farther in advance than ever before.

Developed by accredited meteorologists, business specialists, climatologists and data scientists.

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Looking ahead…

Security in a changing environment

The future of climate foresight

Climate affects us each individually.

In changing times, we have evolved a predictive platform designed to place meteorological, climate and data expertise at your fingertips.

Our system allows you to create a bespoke profile & portfolio, drawing on a comprehensive coverage of hyperlocal, acutely cleansed data. Select from a unique range of peril risks, and incrementally adjust duration, location and trigger thresholds.

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FEB 2, 2024 – FEB 2, 2024

Moderate 10mm (40%)
Severe 30mm (6%)
Highest 11.70mm

Artificial Intelligence:
Artificial Intelligence:

Developed proprietary analytic techniques interrogating global, historic, continuous datasets, approx.13.68 billion days of hyperlocal data.

Instant & Exploratory:
Instant & Exploratory:

Global weather & Nat.Cat. risk in seconds, responsive to your parameters; also highly exploratory via in-depth analytic representation.

Cleansed Data, Drilled Into:
Cleansed Data, Drilled Into:

Focus on intelligent insight drawn from cleansed, continuous data rather than having to obtain and interrogate lesser quality data.

Predictive 5 Years In Advance:
Predictive 5 Years In Advance:

Proprietary AI, developed by leading meteorologists, mathematicians and data scientists, predicts up to 5 years ahead.

Precise Data, Your Parameters:
Precise Data, Your Parameters:

With data that is driven by the event itself, immediately enter your parametric triggers and make incremental adjustments.

Location Specific & Global:
Location Specific & Global:

Attain location-specific results drawn from hyperlocal data from WMO-approved weather stations, covering 98.8% of the globe.

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“Insurance underwriting is moving towards a new tech era. New research and platforms are enabling underwriters to efficiently harness, utilise and understand data, and are beginning to disrupt. As meteorologists, data scientists, mathematicians  and business specialists we are working to be at the forefront of this when in comes to weather.

To be awarded as winners in such a competitive category is clearly exciting. We are doing something interesting and innovative.

When ideas and insights become tangible and people utilise the resulting tech. & intelligence – not just to improve their work – but to alter the way they interact with future events far in advance, things start to change. ”


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