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Precise weather analytics and insights to support the right decisions for your business, instantly.

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A world surrounded by meteorologists working together
Our mission is to deliver climate insights into the hands of every business

A study by the university of Michigan found that businesses with high weather exposure were less profitable. In 2018, 65% of businesses mentioned weather as an impact to financial performance. We want to support businesses in reducing this impact.

Catastrophe risk analysis

Our predictive insights span not only across weather measurements but also include risk forecasts for natural catastrophes such as tornados, wildfires and tropical storms.

Five year predictive

Our proprietary AI, developed by leading meteorologists, mathematicians and data scientists, provides the longest predictive horizon in the world by utilising up to ten years worth of historic weather data.


We provide location-specific results drawn from hyperlocal data from World Meteorological Organisation-approved weather stations, covering 98.8%
of the globe.


The impact of weather is sizeable


of businesses are financially interupted by weather

$630 Billion

Cost of Weather variability to the us

$1 Trillion

At risk from climate impact over the next 5 years


Why MetSwift?

MetSwift is the world's fastest weather analysis company. We are revolutionising how businesses can get insight into their environment, making it easier and faster than ever before but it is our intimate relationships that make this possible.

At MetSwift we are a client focused business. We want to make our weather and climate analysis as accessible and actionable as possible across all industries. Our AI solutions have been built in unison with our clients, tailored to the specific needs of the industry as it and the climate changes.


Our services are tailored to you

It is important to us that our customers across different industries can access our insights in the methods that suit them. All of our weather solutions aim to reduce needless cost and maximise profit.


An all in one Weather and NatCat risk dashboard, sharing instant and actionable insights tailored to your industry


Providing our renowned weather capabilities for projects requiring specific insight support


Our rapid and hyperlocal weather data integrated into your own application


Detailed specific business focused weather enquiries - upon request


We provide industry specific weather insight

MetSwift has the necessary combination of experts in mathematics, meteorology, and artificial intelligence to create client led solutions for any industry. These experts understand the requirements of different sectors and can support your business in its unique weather needs.

Trusted by industry leaders

Prior to being introduced to MetSwift at our Contingency Market Conference two years ago, our underwriting of Event Cancellation of outdoor events was done using average rainfall/temperature data from the internet and also past loss history of the event itself.

Since the middle of last year, we have been using the MetSwift Weather system to aid with our underwriting and feel it is both improving our level of technical pricing and increasing our confidence in our decisions

Senior Underwriter
Ark Syndicate

I was impressed from the outset how carefully the MetSwift team listened to the market and refined the product.

The Metswift platform assists in deriving data driven probabilities for specific weather events. These capabilities improve our pricing adequacy of the true risk which is essentially to the benefit of our client base.

Senior Underwriter

Let me take this opportunity to thank MetSwift for their help in providing us with a more informed view of weather and how it can affect what we do. Their tools have certainly helped us to ascertain a better understanding of some of the risks we have seen throughout 2021. They are always forward thinking and collaborative.

Head of Contingency
Cincinnati Global Underwriting Ltd.

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