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MetSwift provides data to allow the quantification and calibration of future weather-related outcomes.
*Since 1950


MetSwift is a niche weather analysis company. Our core business is helping businesses to make accurately-informed decisions by being able to calibrate their future weather-related risks. This capability is made easily available via our self-service web portal. It provides answers instantly.

We have a separate, in-depth offering for customers whose operational or outdoor work would benefit from the insights that an in-house team of meteorologists provides. We bring those same benefits, flexibly and at a fraction of the cost.


The impact of weather is sizeable


of businesses experience operational interruptions by weather events each year1
1 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Annual cost of weather variability globally2
2 University of Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies

$7.1 Trillion

At global risk from climate impacts by 20503
3 The Global Commission on Adaptation


MetSwift has three distinct product offerings:
Long-range weather probability metrics (1 to 24 months forward)
Provided by the platform at the core of our business, these metrics derive from the Advanced Stats Model. This uses a climate-change adjusted combination of statistical analysis, analogue forecasting* and expert judgement (including AI), to predict forthcoming meteorological trends. This is assessed at a national or, in the case of larger countries, a provincial level.
Our clients use it to assess or underwrite the risks associated with the conduct of major field-based activities. These include mining, oil & gas production and the operation of dams, wind turbines or hydroelectric plant. In short, the planning of any major event occurring on the world stage.
Delivery modes:
Self-service – by directly framing specific enquiries from our web-based platform.
API calls - via integrations to third party systems.
Precision hyperlocal forecasting (1 hour to 10 days hence)
This supports our clients project work in the field. This data derives from our STF (Short Term Forecast) model. This combines real-time readings with a detailed understanding of the effects of the unique site topography of any point on the globe to give highly accurate, site-specific, short-term forecasts.
Our clients use it to optimise their utilisation of resources on site through informed scheduling. Examples include crane operations or resin and concrete curing.
Delivery mode:
Client specific project work of this kind, begins with a range of data sources being identified and, where necessary, enhanced. A bespoke, biased model is then created and optimised by normalising against past observations and site-specific parameters. The combination provides ongoing, accurate management information of significant operational value.
  • The output takes the form of a specific, rolling prediction of definitive outcomes with hourly granularity.
  • The data is accessed from a client specific, platform-hosted, walled garden.
NatCat & weather-peril prognostics (1 to 24 months ahead)
Our probability analytics in respect of extreme events once again uses our proprietary Advanced Stats Model. For any geographic location (on either a single day, or up to a 7 day window), the chance of occurrence of a variety of significant weather perils or catastrophic events can be predicted.
The epicentres of devastation make headlines. But material damage and disruption still take place far from the tracks taken by extreme weather events. Gauging the associated likelihoods, in advance, has proven crucial to businesses involved in event planning, re-insurance and the insurance of property. Windspeed, temperature and precipitation data together with information regarding normal range of NatCat perils are offered. This notably includes the propensity for ignition events to successfully propagate wildfires, and also, and separately, earthquake data.
Once again, we support clients across a range of operational sectors (notably ground transportation) together with the organisations which insure them.
Delivery modes:
Self-service – by directly framing specific enquiries from our web-based platform.
API calls - via integrations to third party systems.
And, by exception, we also offer bespoke bid support
The preparation of successful and lucrative tenders for construction bids hinges on the accuracy of the underlying commercial modelling. An accurate assessment of site productivity demands a close understanding of the meteorological constraints. We have all the knowledge you need and would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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