Weather Outlook for Glastonbury 2022

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James Peacock MSC
Weather Outlook for Glastonbury 2022

Original forecast written Mon 20th June 2022

Wed 22nd forecast update: Thu 23rd is now expected to be slightly cooler (peak temps 24-26°C) and has a 50% chance of heavy showers or thunderstorms arriving by late afternoon. There is a small chance of these bringing a very large amount of rainfall, leading to flash flooding. The Met Office has issued a weather warning for this; please check the details on their website.

Friday also looks cooler (highs of 19-21°C), otherwise the remainder of the forecast remains as below.

Tue 21st

I’m pleased to report that this is now expected to be a dry day, with only a very small chance of a shower. With light winds, sunny spells and temperatures peaking at 22-24°C, it will feel very warm by late morning. Further great weather for drying out the ground after the weekend rain.

Wed 22nd

The festival looks to kick off with dry weather, light winds, and some hot sunshine lifting temps to 24-26°C. Care will be needed to keep dehydration and heat stroke to a minimum.

Thu 23rd

Further hot feeling weather is expected, with light winds and peak temps of 25-28°C. However, there is a 25% chance of a heavy shower or thunderstorm affecting the event during the afternoon or evening.

Fri 24th

Unfortunately, a move to more unsettled weather has not only become most likely since the Friday update, but been accelerated. Friday still looks warm or very warm (but more humid; feeling sticky), with highs of 21-24°C, but at least a few showers are likely, which could be heavy with a chance of thunder.

Sat 25th

This is likely to be a much fresher day, with peak temps of 17-20°C and feeling cooler in a strong breeze. Again, at least a few showers are likely, which could be heavy with a chance of thunder. There’s also a 30% chance of a longer spell of rain. It will take some serious luck to avoid a muddy situation by this point!

Sun 26th

Little change is expected for the final day of the festival: Another cool, breezy day with highs of 17-20°C and a high chance of showers, which could be heavy with a chance of thunder.

So there you have it, a typically mixed British summer outlook that warrants being armed with both sun lotion and rain macs! Yes, even if the air's cool - the intensity of UV light from the sun changes only a little with the air temperature.

James Peacock MSc
Head Meteorologist at MetSwift