We are seeking a Meteorologist to join us here at MetSwift!

MetSwift Services is an exciting, pioneering Met-Tech Start-up. This is an opportunity to join a team of Reading University-educated MSC Meteorology graduates in their fledgling company as it takes its innovative and pioneering meteorological products to global markets.

The technical skills mentioned below are a requirement and the candidate must have a BSc of higher in Meteorology or Meteorological related sciences. We look forward to talking with you.

Main purposes of job

1 Support back-end development of data processing.

2 Assist in identifying new data sources which can be

incorporated into the database.

3 Aid in the incorporation of algorithms to improve

elements of existing data processing techniques.

4 Support the creation of data analytics for

communicating to a varied audience.

5 Assist our Head Meteorologist with the gathering of

key information on significant weather events and identification of key climate trends.

Key tasks

1 Utilise various Python packages such as pandas, numpy, multiprocessing etc. to manipulate data.

2 Analyse large data sets to identify patterns as well as assessing the quality of the data.

3 Propose new methods to improve the current data processing infrastructure.

4 Write coherent technical documentation for existing scripts.

5 Maintain a log of severe or unusual weather events.

6 Analyse long-term weather observation data to

determine regional trends.


1 Experience using Python, familiarity with other programming languages is an asset.

2 Strong maths and problem-solving skills.

3 Excellent communication skills.

4 Assured critical thinking and analytical skills.

5 A general understanding of what constitutes typical

versus unusual weather and climate behaviour

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Home Based

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