“Access innovative analytic models and AI around weather & natcat created by climatologists, data scientists, coders and sector specialists.

Incorporating uniquely extensive, cleansed datasets, drawn from WMO approved weather stations, qualified by mathematicians & meteorologists, & interrogated by proprietary algorithms.”

Co-Founder and Meteorologist




Parametric prediction enabled by a new weather and natcat intelligence that integrates both AI and contemporary meteorological & climate understanding.

Expecting specific moderate and severe exceedance risk chances, enter your thresholds of concern to instantly interrogate higher quality data.

Attain highly intelligent peril risk results, up to five years in advance, in seconds.

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What's the process?

1. Select your location and date of interest.

2. Select your weather event and specific thresholds of moderate and severe concern.

3. Select from the analytic types (as detailed below).

4. Receive instant, accurate and precise results based on your criteria.

Weather analysisWeather analysis:

STATISTICAL ANALYSIS of historical data ascertains probability and identifies moderate and severe risk. STANDARD Statistical Analysis interrogates all available location-specific historical data. ADVANCED Statistical Analysis utilises MetSwift’s proprietary ‘analogous’ intelligence.

PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS applies complex formula created by our data scientists to ascertain precision predictive outcomes in relation to your parameters. These include STANDARD Prediction Analysis, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Prediction Analysis and ADVANCED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS.

Natcat analysisNatcat analysis:

SEASONAL & ANNUAL: Secure instant, accurate NatCat risk analysis covering cyclones, tornadoes and earthquakes. Our NatCat intelligence utilises complex data and detailed historical statistical analysis, rendering simple results.

WHAT MAKES OUR ANALYTICS DIFFERENT? Incredibly swift and accurate analysis available for anywhere in the world. Our AI learns from its own learning, probabilistic results are aggregated, and historical weather patterns are reviewed to calculate the spread and severity of NatCat risk.

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