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Features for all platforms

Instant insights

Instant zip code specific weather & NatCat risk assessment globally, out to 5 years.

Climate change adjusted

Climate change adjusted weather risk models using proprietary AI and Research.

Live weather event updates

See all the latest Severe Weather and NatCat events globally as they happen.


Filter, store, track, manage and update information from every past search.

Building-level detail

Powerful AI search logic to return your specific height ASL, geography & location details.

Customisable Side Bar

Options to change units, dates, data lengths & enquiry types, to instantly update your results.

How the platform works

The MetSwift platform produces intelligent and tailored results with only a few clicks of a button.

Select your parameters

Set the location and date of interest.


Decide your thresholds

Select your weather event and specific thresholds of moderate and severe concern.

Get your results

Review different levels of detail about your risk.

Unlock the potential research

Access different weather insights depending on your requirements.

Standard Statistics

The user is presented with results based on historical data from every year in which data has been recorded in the chosen criteria.

Advanced Statistics

The results are as the Standard Statistics, however only years which are deemed ‘climate relevant’ are included.


The user is presented with results that incorporate both historical data and predictive AI modelling.

Useful for any business impacted by weather

Whether you are trying assess the risk of severe weather for a time and place, understand the weather downtime or take advantage of weather windows or trends - the MetSwift platform provides all these answers.

By looking forwards not back, we predict severe weather events before they happen, providing adequate warning  - reducing needless cost of assets or lives, replacing them with maximum opportunity, efficiency and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I access the platform?

Sign-up and login is simple, either contact us by email, phone or press any of the links on the website to reach out. We will contact you to find out a little more about your business and how our insights can help. For single users there is no set-up fee and if suitable, can usually be done within the hour - we may even offer you a complimentary trial period before you purchase any insights.

What is an Insight?

An insight is how we provide information as units of data for a specific type, duration, location and option. We have 2 types of insights based upon the model type - 31 days for our 'Weather' selection and 7 days for our 'NatCat' selection. Depending upon the time of year and location - you may be presented with 8 Weather risks and 4 NatCat risk options - currently. We will be adding new insights in the future.

What is your validation process - how often to you update your data/algorithms?

All the weather data which feeds into the platform is from WMO* approved weather stations - meaning that the weather station set-up, management and data handling is of the highest quality. However, to ensure that every data point is the most accurate and representative of previous conditions we further cleanse the data using AI-driven proprietary algorithms first filtering out suspect data points by applying location and time specific limits (based upon records) then the outliers in the data are further qualified using other stations in the vicinity and patterning techniques to ensure all the data represents reality - updated & refreshed weekly.

*World Meteorological Organisation

What about the impacts of Climate Change?

Ensuring that the non-linear and non-uniform imprint of climate change upon weather, in particular - severe weather - is handled by our platform, we assess this both locally and globally using proprietary climate research into weather teleconnections. Our "Advanced" statistics models and Predictive AI models apply both the underlying trends and overlay the variability and volatility driven by nuanced weather patterns, providing a locally driven climate adjustment to either the risk score or prediction for every location out to 5 years.

Do you offer 24/7 support?

Our Weather & NatCat platform is always online. The simple to use icon based interface usually is navigable with only a short training session. Any data enquiry issues or problems accessing any screen are flagged up automatically to our support team, if this is not resolved by the algorithms themselves or data is not found for whatever reason - MetSwift will supply the data as a report within 24 hours - usually sooner. Any direct consultation can be accessed via our contact page on our platform via our website - both also provide details of other contact methods.

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