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Insider Quarterly Winter 2019

6th December 2019

‘Fascinating and Controversial’:

Feature article asking how can innovative

weather analytics enable the insurance sector’s

adaptibility in a rapidly changing climate?


In our article, described by Insurance Insider as ‘fascinating and controversial’, we ask:

What are the realities of hyperlocal environmental risk?

What might be the secrets to the sector’s ability to – not just survive – but thrive in pressured sociopolitical times?

MetSwift explore these questions and their answers in our article A Less Risky Business, Insider Quarterly (IQ Winter 2019): ‘the intelligent quarterly from the publichers of The Insurance Insider’.

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As IQ states:

‘And then there is climate change. A constant topic of international news, the subject of widespread protest and now frantic electioneering, the issue is now very much on the (re)insurance industry’s agenda.

It’s not simply the hefty losses on carriers’ balance sheets this year stemming from natural catastrophes which appear to be linked to climate change. It is also the subject of robust debate about how to model, price and mitigate against the insurable losses that result from such events.’

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