Here at MetSwift, we bring an acuity to weather and natcat analysis, seamlessly integrating into business processes. Our mission – utilizing our expertise – is to revolutionise weather insight accessed by industry; making it faster, smarter, global & hyperlocal, of higher quality and advanced by our proprietary Artificial Intelligence.

Having created the world’s fastest peril risk calculator, we are excited by the unlimited nature of our scope, in multiple industries, for many individuals. Our AI is ever learning from its own learning. We interrogate and describe nuances, patterns and anomalies of climate, environmental occurrences and natural catastrophes, to take the pain out of weather prediction.


“Artificial intelligence, high quality data and disruptive technologies – developed via human expertise – are fast shifting how businesses operate globally. This has not yet been the case for weather and natcat risk prediction.

As a team of meteorologists, data scientists, climatologists, mathematicians and – essentially – industry sector specialists… We are here to change that.”

Meteorologist and Head of Data Science

Our story so far

Metswift timeline...


Our two Founders, Head Meteorologist and Head of Coding started their studies at The University of Reading, a home of world-class meteorologists and a long-standing global leader in meteorological research. (Ranked 2nd for research in Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences, Center for World University Rankings, 2017.)


They began evolving a ground-breaking climatological and predictive understanding based on collective research. Our expertise started small but smart, providing seasonal weather reports to the Re/Insurance industry.


Jamie Banasik MSc was invited to speak at the Annual Contingency Society Conference. We challenged what the Re/Insurance sector had been told was possible for weather prediction. Interest within industry grew. In conversation, it became apparent that an advanced form of predictive analysis was needed, allowing swift interrogation of higher quality weather and natcat insight – in as much depth as needed.


We partnered with Tatras Data; bringing decades of experience in the data mining and data science disciplines. Our mission… to go deeper into weather data than ever before: Taking into account location-specific environmental anomalies, we collected and cleansed WMO approved data adjusting proprietary algorithms. We did this one weather station at a time, we wanted to be both global and hyperlocal…


MetSwift's® platform… MetSwift.Live was born: Parametric probabilities that respond to specific thresholds, for our most extreme existential future risk. Further in advance, with greater acuity. Developed to enable accurate, swift weather-risk decision making. But we knew we could gather more data & enhance our AI further…


We win the Best Use of AI in Underwriting at the Insurance Times' Tech & Innovation Awards! Global coverage is achieved with 218 countries fully operational, with over 90,000 weather stations’ data pre-processed. Our Co-Founder Shaun Pammenter speaks at the Software in Construction Conference on the potential uses of weather-related AI in construction industry. A rapidly growing team of amazing specialists, still led by our original founders.

We are now a new Meteorological Intelligence stimulating widespread interest within the industry – the sector we first spoke to in 2016. With exciting expansion plans in the pipeline; we continue to perfect our AI and meteorological models. We collaborate within the contingency industry – continuing to be the first time weather & natcat AI has really met Re/Insurance.

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Meet our team

A diverse team of specialists

Founder & Meteorologist
James Banasik MSc
Founder & Meteorologist
Co-Founder & Meterologist
Shaun Pammenter MSc
Co-Founder & Meterologist
Head Meteorologist
James Peacock
Head Meteorologist
Head of Data Science
Joseph France MMet
Head of Data Science
Chief Technical Officer
Dave Parratt
Chief Technical Officer
Head of Sales
Melanie Deakin
Head of Sales




Our data scientists and meteorologists are currently processing the snow, hail, fog and thunderstorm data from 30,000 weather stations, we expect these new analytics to be accessible via MetSwift Live by November. We’re also looking to bring in a historical calendar, making visible and searchable the past 10 years of weather data.

Make sure you check out our blog – Peacock Reports. This is where our Head Meteorologist, James Peacock, takes into account worldwide weather and climate data to explore what the most intelligent information is suggesting for upcoming social events.

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As we advance insight into weather and peril statistics and prediction, we hope to be part of a continual change in climate understanding.

This intelligence empowers industry, informing everyday processes and assisting essential areas; such as cost & time benefits.

In turn, this sees AI enhancing human value – expert individuals are freer to do the things only they can do.


More than simply software, we explore the ways in which global climate patterns are fascinating… Within work and beyond, we are all impacted by weather & peril risk.

In the same way we make previously unintelligible weather & NatCat data intelligible, we want to accessibly explain weather phenomenon… So immediate in impact, but – to so many of us – obscure when we ask ‘why’?


We value specificity… Our platform enables the creation of personal profiles and parametric threshold entry.

This also applies to our specialisms, which together feed innovative ideas and services where meteorology and maths meet business.

Our journey has been one of closely consulting industry, exploring specific sector needs. This sets us apart, cultivating our development.


We are lucky to be supported by inspirational investors, many of whom recognized our Artificial Intelligence and data development as innovative ventures early on.

We encompass accredited data scientists, world-class meteorologists, mathematicians and coders. Like any effective intelligence, as a collective we stay curious. Like our AI, we learn from our own learning.

“Insurance underwriting is moving towards a new tech era. New research and platforms are enabling underwriters to efficiently harness, utilise and understand data, and are beginning to disrupt. As meteorologists, data scientists, mathematicians  and business specialists we are working to be at the forefront of this when in comes to weather.”

To be awarded as winners in such a competitive category is clearly exciting. We are doing something interesting and innovative.

When ideas and insights become tangible and people utilise the resulting tech. & intelligence – not just to improve their work – but to alter the way they interact with future events far in advance, things start to change.”


Speak to one of our experts and discover how our analytic platform can revolutionise your weather & NatCat insight. Request a meeting, a chat & demo, or a free trial. Developed via consultation & collaboration.