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Our mission is to bring climate insights into the hands of every business.


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MetSwift is the world’s fastest weather analysis company. We are revolutionizing how businesses get insight into their environment, making it easier and faster than ever before. Using our expertise in advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), we will help you make instant decisions for your business by understanding the weather around you at all times.

Socially and environmentally responsible practices are at the heart of MetSwift, not just by automating existing labour intensive process – reducing waste - but our company is driven by providing the most accurate and complete view of the impact of climate change upon weather patterns enabling our clients and communities know how and where to make climate conscious and sustainable decisions now and for the future.  


The impact of weather is sizeable


of businesses are financially interupted by weather

$630 Billion

Cost of Weather variability to the us

$1 Trillion

At risk from climate impact over the next 5 years

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